Overcoming financial hardships on our path to progress

There are 2 major ways in which finances can inhibit continuous pursuit of knowledge and conscious growth;

  1. Not being able to afford the resources necessary to pursue desired activities and path of growth. An example of this may be not being able to afford further education, or having excessive debt that ties up too much income causing one to miss financial opportunities. This category is the less severe of the two types of financial barriers.
  2. When the standard of living is so low that all time, effort, and mental focus must go towards survival, with nothing left over for the creative pursuit of growth.

This category is more severe because it is the mental asset that’s capped out, rather than its monetary equivalent in example 1. Whether due to too much stress, a state of overwhelm, or depression and withdrawal from conscious effort, this situation can keep one from even approaching his or her creative growth effort, which is dangerous, as it has the potential of wearing down and trapping people who otherwise have a lot to offer in the monotony of catch-up routine.

Financial barriers can be some of the most difficult to overcome because they are deeply rooted in a person’s unique circumstances and outlook on many different issues; money, work, level of financial self-discipline, and the existence of specialized knowledge and planning. In any case, no individual should despair. The new paradigm creates tremendous potential to remedy these problems with highly cost-effective strategies, provided the desire to do so is really there.

On the path to resolving financial constraints that limit learning, one will have to rely heavily on the following traits: the Creative Discipline to come up with alternative solutions.

Critical steps to be taken:

Level 1

  • Assess your circumstances to determine what kind of resources (and how much) are necessary for you to continue propelling yourself forward. (IE, do you really need $ right now or can you find access to information and people who can aid you without it?)
  • It may be necessary to “scrape” old contacts and resources even if nothing appears to be immediately available.

Level 2

  • Begin by challenging old patterns that may have failed to serve your greatest interests. Refer to The Path of Mastery. Recommended resources: Napoleon Hill and Robert Kiyosaki are both excellent authors whose work has helped countless individuals worldwide alter the way they think about and view the subject of money, work, and wealth. Whether you benefit from them personally or not, what’s important is that you make an effort to change the old patterns that haven’t worked out in the past.
  • Meet with a financial adviser. This step makes it real. By taking the time to find an adviser and meet with them, you a) take the time out of your day, and b) collaborate with another person for the accomplishment of an important task. Taking these actions creates powerful consequences for the resolution of your problem that may not be immediately apparent.

Level 3
Level 1 & 2 due diligence;

  • Apply The Principled Approach TM to derive your own unique personal principles for financial management, control, as well as overcoming of existing financial barriers.

The Financial Bottom Line
Finances are a common and significant barrier. But it’s also true that the most frequent cause of financial hardships is some form of neglect of financial affairs. One will find that tremendous progress can be made (both in action and in feeling) about one’s financial situation if a mere seven consecutive days are spent working on objective milestones like Level 1-3 above.


~ by TheZov on August 10, 2009.

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